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What are the stories we want to tell about ourselves and the place we live?

Loch Leven Stories is part of the People's Parish, a Scotland-wide project coordinated and funded by TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland).

During the 2022 Scotland's Year of Stories and beyond, Loch Leven Stories explores and celebrates our community and the stories we tell each other about living here, and helps to shape the stories we want the world to hear about our area.

Loch Leven Stories aims to do this by:

- Working with community groups 

- Accessing tales and histories of the Loch Leven / Kinross Parish area

- Helping to collect and shape people's stories

- Finding creative ways to share and celebrate our stories

Loch Leven Stories is focused on the Kinross Parish area and its people, although it also includes the people and stories from across the area around Loch Leven. As we increasingly call a wider and wider area 'home', the Loch acts as central, ancient marker in time and place.

Loch Leven Stories is a community-led project facilitated by a People's Parish Creative Fieldworker, Esther Kent. Esther lives with her family in Kinross and is an illustrator. 

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